Membership Downloads:

Member of PTN-AAF can became everyone who is connect with areas of adapted physical activity. Candidate suppose to submit membership application with recommendation of one PTN-AAF members.

Membership application should be filled out and sent to the below address:

Polskie Towarzystwo Naukowe
Adaptowanej Aktywnoƛci Fizycznej
ul. Marymoncka 34
00-968 Warszawa 45
skr. poczt. 55

Board has 2 months for reviewing the Membership Application and a new member will be sent a decision. New member has 30 days to pay membership from the date of getting PTN-AAF Board decission:

30 PLN – entrance membership
50 PLN – year membership

Bank account of PTN-AAF:
Bank: PKO BP OddziaƂ 2 w Warszawie, ul. Mickiewicza 25
Nr konta: 70 10201026 0000 1702 0145 2291
with note “skƂadka wpisowa i roczna 2010”